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                    Primacy Supply Co., Ltd. was found in 1981. It has been a representative for many worldwide companies who manufacture industrial and scientific instruments, both for testing and educational training. Most of the instruments are precisely manufactured by leading companies in Europe, United States as well as in Asia; they are currently used in many research institutes both in industries and education.                     
                   Primacy Supply Co.,Ltd. has been ISO 9001:2015 accredited. It is enjoying its service to fulfill the utmost benefit of its clients. Satisfying the clients with prompt delivery of ready to operate instrument is obviously guaranteed. Its sale representative division provides the fundamental information of each instrument to prospective clients while its well-trained engineers of technical service division have eagerness to help the clients in proper operating and maintaining the instruments.                     

                   Presently Primacy Supply Co.,Ltd. has been grown to celebrate its 41th anniversary. It has an intention to maintain its reputation in providing the best to its clients with warm friendliness

Service and Calibration

- 50 to 2000 kN Load range for Universal Testing Machine

- 3000 kN Load range for Compression Machine

- Irradiance/Temp/Humidity for Weather Ometer

- Irradiance/Temp/Humidity for UV Flurescent Tester

- Temperature/ Humidity for Temp&Humidity Chamber

- Temperature for Salt Spray Tester Service

- Preventive maintenance for testing instruments

- General Maintenance

- Repairing testing equipments Seminar

- The Technical and Fundamental of SuperPave Asphalt Mixture Design Seminar

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