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Education Equipment

We have supply market-leading engineering education equipment used by Universities and Colleges around the world.

Since 1979, G.U.N.T. Gerätebau GmbH has been developing, producing and selling equipment that is used in technical education at vocational schools, technical colleges and universities. Thanks to outstanding product quality, high productivity and broad know-how the company has developed into one of the leading suppliers in the technical training systems sector

GUNT 2E Energy & Environment Limited resources are shifting renewable energy technologies to the heart of future energy supplies. In addition, one of the biggest challenges is maintaining a clean environment.
Our educational systems from the 2E-range make it possible to learn the related techniques in a clear and practical manner.

Over the past 15 years, Chungpa EMT Co., Ltd. has been engaged in supplying test & measuring instruments, educational equipment and multimedia equipment.
We offered various products such as microprocessors, sensors, PLCs, hydraulic & pneumatic parts and educational materials for new & renewable energy.

We are a manufacturer of
training and educational equipments for use in voca-tional or technical institution.
We supply various range of
training equipments such as
automotive, HVAC, automa-tion, electricity, electronic and 'Verdana'

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