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Smart trainer

All-in-one smart learning platform designed for technical education
           • Built-in functions of various measuring instruments      such as oscilloscope  and function generator
           • Various types of experimental modules: electricity, electronics, telecommunication, microprocessor and automation control

Electricity / Electronics

Fire Fighting Electrical Wiring Trainer

Digital & Analog Circuit Trainer

Electric Circuit & Electronic Trainer

Renewable Energy

Smart Grid (Solar/Wind/Fuel Cell) Training System

Grid-tied Solar Energy Training System

Solar Tracking Control Trainer

Renewable Energy

Wind Energy Training

Photovoltaic System Assembly & Disassembly Trainer

Hydrogen fuel Cell Generation System


Microwave Trainer

Wireless Communication & Antenna Trainer

AM/FM Transmitter & Receiver Trainer

Automation / Mechatronics

Smart Factory Training System

Factory Automation Trainer

Mini Automation Multiprogramming Trainer

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