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Dynamic and Static tests on RW sleepers

            The testing machines MFID series have been designed and manufactured for the performing of dynamic and static tests up to 500 kN on railway sleepers, meeting all the requirements of standard UNE-EN 13230-2 and others.

Servohydraulic Testing Machines 

        High load Universal Testing Machine Manufactured according to Standards EN 10002-2; ASTM E4, ISO 7500-1; DIN 51221 and BS1610.         

        Hydraulic gripping heads (upper and lower) with wedge closing system. Specially indicated for combining test due to its double space design.

Impact test pendulums 

        Motorized  impact tester PIB Series with programmable electronic control unit and measuring system by digital encoder.       

        To be used for resilience tests over metallic and non metallic materials  with Charpy and Izod accesories. 

Servohydraulic Testing Machines 
Electromechanical Creep Testing Machines

            Designed for the configuration and performing of static and dynamic tests on a wide range of materials (specimens, subassemblies or finished parts) by incorporating the appropriate tools for each application.

        Electromechanical machine especially designed for creep testing, relaxation, low fatigue, etc.         

        According to: ISO 204, ASTM E139  

Electromechanical Material Testing Machine EUROTEST Series

Hydraulic universal testing machine IBMU4 series

Hydraulic machine for dynamic testing UFIB series

Hydraulic Universal Testing Machine IBMT4 Series

Test systems for the railway industry PFIB series

AUTOTEST / CIB machines for cement strength testing

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