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Universal Testing Machines (UTMs), Servo-hydraulic, equipped with high performances environmental chambers and extensive suite of accessories offer the greatest flexibility to perform all advanced pavement materials tests, ideal for Research purposes.

Fully electro-mechanical gyratory compactor Using EMS Electromechanical servo-actuation mechanism for vertical load application and "Orbital" proprietary gyration and mold rotation system delivering highly accurate and repeatabletest results

DWT Universal AASHTO/EN Double Wheel Tracker performing both AASHTO Hamburg Type and EN tests, with unique solutions for the maximum accuracy and reliability

Advanced electro-mechanical multi-size slab compactors, closed loop control system

Research Ductilometer for Force Ductility test on standard and modified bitumen

Hot mix asphalt automatic closed loop extractor

Electro-mechanically operated Asphalt Mixture Performance Tester 

Pressure Ageing Vessel & Vacuum Degassing Oven

Penetrometer, Fully Automatic 

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