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     Dynatriax EmS benefits from CONTROLS Group new EmS "Electromechanical Servoactuation" technology.

     EmS technology is environmentally friendly and clean to operate, requiring no compressed air or hydraulic oil. It offer excellent reliability, accurate testing and lower maintenance requirements. The intuitive design ensures it can be quickly and easily maintained, only requiring regular lubrication.

     Electromechanical vertical load application      

         - high performance motorized actuator, 15 kN capacity, backlash free and noiseless     

         - sophisticated PID closed-loop control, ensuring load is reached fast, smoothly and accurately and then maintained with high level of accuracy. The submersible load cell delivers high accuracy from the lowest values

     The test provides a procedure for performing a torsional ring shear test under a drained condition to determine the fully softened shear strength and nonlinear strength envelope of cohesive soils.  

     The fully softened strength is used to evaluate the stability of slopes that do not have a pre-existing shear surface. The fully softened shear strength also corresponds to the peak shear strength of a normally consolidated specimen. This test method focuses on the use of a reconstituted specimen to measure the fully softened strength.  

     This test is performed by shearing a normally consolidated, reconstituted specimen at a controlled displacement rate until the peak shear resistance has been obtained.

     Shearmatic EmS is a standalone automatic machine with Electromechanic Servoactuation for direct/residual shear testing. It can also automatically perform the oedometric consolidation tests using the dedicated accessories. It incorporates two high-resolution stepper motors with high precision transmissions.

The ACE EmS is a versatile and fully automatic Oedometer soil consolidation testing machine that comes loaded with the new environmentally friendly Electromechanical Servoactuation (EmS) technology. Silent, compact and highly performing, the ACE EmS testing system can be run with our ingenious software that can connect up to 60 units with just one PC, enabling you to expand your laboratory gradually and seamlessly.

Automatic Triaxial Tests System AUTOTRIAX EmS

All-in-one fully automatic Triaxial testing system – AUTOTRIAXQube

MULTISPEED Digital Automatic Universal
Tester for Displacement Controlled Tests

Automatic Large Shear Machine

Universal Proctor/CBR Automatic Compactors

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